Articles and surveys

The issues of greatest relevance in achieving the priorities set out in the European vocational education and training (VET) agenda are usually subject to further analysis by Cedefop.

These themes, by their specific characteristics, complement the general information provided in the documents ‘VET in Europe’ and ‘Spotlight on VET’.

The structure of each article or survey is elaborated according to a common template prepared by Cedefop for all ReferNet partners. This information enables Cedefop to make comparisons across countries.

Some examples of these themes are international mobility in the initial VET; NEETs and very long-term unemployed; integration of refugees; key competences in initial VET.


VET for the future of work – Portugal

Partners’ report


International mobility in apprenticeships – Portugal

Partners’ report

Cedefop public opinion survey on VET

Opinion survey on VET – Portugal

Partners’ report

Guidance and outreach

Guidance and outreach for inactive and unemployed – Portugal

Partners’ report

Key competences in VET - Portugal

Key competences in VET – Portugal

Partners’ report

leaving education early

Leaving education early: putting vocational education and training in centre stage – Portugal

Partners’ reports

Supporting teachers and trainersSupporting teachers and trainers for successful reforms and quality of VET – Portugal

Partners’ report

Apprenticeship-type schemes and structured work-based learning

Esquemas de aprendizagem e programas
estruturados com base no contexto de trabalho – Portugal

Partners’ reports

Innovation in vetInovação no EFP – Portugal