The Directorate-General for Employment and Industrial Relations – DGERT, has the mission to support the design of policies on employment, vocational training, accreditation of training providers, regulation of access to professions and industrial relations and working conditions, including safety and health at work. It also promotes the social dialogue, the prevention of collective labour disputes and the increase of collective work contracts.

In the area of employment, vocational training and accreditation of training providers, DGERT has the following responsibilities:

  • Preparation of policy measures, legislation and regulations relating to employment and vocational training. The vocational training measures related to double certification, school and professional, should be jointly prepared with the National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education, I. P.;
  • Participation in the definition of strategies for employment and training development of workers in national and European contexts;
  • Definition of criteria, quality assessment and accreditation of training providers, as well as the promotion of their knowledge, to the balanced development of the training sector and the quality of the curses and programmes developed, as well as evaluation of training outputs;
  • Coordinate the development of the national accreditation system;
  • Collection and processing of information on employment policy measures and vocational training and participation in national and European information networks on these measures;
  • Evaluation of programmes and measures for employment and vocational training.

Note: DGERT website is only available in PT.