Presidency of the EU Council

Germany takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from the 1st July to the 31st December 2020.


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Calendar of the EU Presidencies

COUNCIL DECISION (EU) 2016/1316, of 26 July 2016 amending Decision 2009/908/EU, laying down measures for the implementation of the European Council Decision on the exercise of the Presidency of the Council, and on the chairmanship of preparatory bodies of the Council.

Croatian – 1st semester 2020 (HR, EN, FR. DE, IT)

Finland – 2nd semester 2019 (EN, FR, DE, SUOMI, SVENSKA)

Romania – 1st semester 2019 (EN, RO, FR)

Austria – 2nd semester 2018 (EN, DE, FR)

Bulgaria -1st semester 2018 (EN, BG, FR, DE)

Estonia – 2nd semester 2017 (EN, ET, FR, DE)

Malta – 1st semester 2017 (EN, MT, FR)

Slovakia – 2nd semester 2016 (EN, SK)

Netherlands – 1st semester 2016 (EN)

Luxembourg – 2nd semester 2015 (EN, FR, DE)

Latvia – 1st semester 2015 (EN, LT, FR, DE)