Report about VET in Europe

‘VET in Europe’ is the name of reports where you can find comprehensive and updated descriptions of vocational education and training (VET) in each Member State, Iceland and Norway.

They target individuals who seek for an overview of this topic and who are not necessarily specialised in VET.

The reports have a common structure but flexible and easily adaptable to the national contexts, with suggestions for related topics that the ReferNet partners may emphasise or not, accordingly to the most significant issues in their countries.

To ensure the quality and accessibility of the contents, these reports are peer-reviewed and regularly updated.

It covers the following themes:

Chapter 1. External factors influencing VET
Chapter 2. Provision of VET
Chapter 3. Shaping VET qualifications
Chapter 4. Promoting participation in VET

VET in Europe reports are used to produce Short description of VET reports for Member States that hold the Presidency of the EU. These are available for Presidency and related events.

Report about VET in Europe

Vocational education and training in Europe

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