FUTURE: transforming career guidance

The European Board of Certified Counselors (EBCC) is an organisation whose main objective is to support European countries in their efforts to develop the field of counselling and the practice of career counselling.

The EBCC is part of an international consortium that is implementing the European Forward-Looking Cooperation initiative and is a partner in the development of the FUTURE Time Traveler project – Transforming career guidance on future skills, jobs and career prospects of Generation Z through a game based virtual reality platform. The project aims to (i) promote innovation in career guidance through the development of an innovative virtual reality platform with game-based approach for supporting career decision making and future-oriented career mindset of young people; (ii) enhancing the innovation capacity of career guidance practitioners and experts, and; (iii) giving impetus to innovation and future-oriented policy in career guidance systems.

On 29th of November, between 14:00 and 18:00, a seminar will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Lisbon dedicated to the presentation of the FUTURE Time Traveler project and its underlying rationale. During the seminar, the virtual reality platform and the methodology used to develop the scenarios will be introduced. This platform will help explore the future world, understand the trends that shape the world of work, emerging jobs and skills required for jobs of the future. The results of the national needs analysis questionnaire, which has been applied to career professionals, decision-makers and youth, will also be presented.

Participation in the seminar is free but subject to confirmation. Entries must be sent by 18th of November to the email contact@europeanbcc.eu.